Paula Kitchen Hidden Objects

Can you find the objects in your own kitchen easily? As we all know, there are m [...]

Boombox Inc

You can drop bombs into the box and destroy all the boxes. You can drop bombs at [...]

Crunchy Munch

You can move with the arrows, and your task is to eat all the food in the maze. [...]

Slice The Finger

Slice The Finger is a bloody and violent game. You have to use different types o [...]


In this game, all you have to do is to get the small circle to the right of the [...]

Mini Putt Garden

It's a mini-putt adventure in two parts encompassing 18 levels across 2 themed c [...]

The Big Bank Robbery 2

There's a big bank here, and you're going to steal the money. When you have to s [...]

Worm Mania

Worm Mania is a fun whacking game. Worms grow on farms and destroy many plants. [...]

Pirate Slots

Tap spin to play. Pay out table shows winnings. Increase winning chances by incr [...]

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