Download and Install Ark of War Mod APK

This article will be all about the game Ark of War and we will be providing you a guideline about the Ark of War Mod APK. Before we proceed on how to Download and Install Ark of War Mod APK we would say something about the game. The game is about building a fleet of warships that meant for space battle due to the increasing population of people on Earth. The whole galaxy became a new battleground between humans and several alien civilizations that seek power.

Upgrade your fleet to more powerful and you can also change your ark’s appearance. Tekkman is a planet where alien creatures and humans live, this is also the place where they control space arks. Create your fierce fleet to defend and eliminate enemies that are being controlled by the Imperial Federation Government.

The game is a turn-based strategy game with great gameplay and storyline. Like other games, you must grind several hours to acquire items that will help you throughout the game. The game also features superb graphics and visual effects that will surely be liked by other gamers. As you progress in the game, expect that every stage will be much harder than the previous one. Upgrade your fleet and defend humanity and its allies.

Download and Install Ark of War Mod APK

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Easy Guide to Download and Install Ark of War Mod APK – Android Users


In this part, we will provide you a simple guide on how to download Ark of War Mod APK. But before we do that, kindly read our guidelines for a successful installation later. So that there your effort will not be wasted for downloading the game. This is the minimum game requirements.

  • First Step – The game runs on Android 4.0.3 or Higher Versions only. Lower versions are not compatible with the game.
  • Second Step – You need 100MB or higher free space in your Phone or Tablet Storage.

(The first two steps are important to make sure that the game will run on your android device)

  • Third Step – Click the link to Download Ark of War Mod APK

Click the link to download the game

  • Forth Step – Save the APK File to your Desktop or Laptop and wait until the download is completed

Now that you completed the Download of Ark of War Mod APK, we may now proceed to the next step. We suggest that you grab a reliable micro USB data cable or any data cable that will be compatible with your phone or tablet. The data cable will be used for the transfer of the Ark of War Mod APK to your android device.

Step-by-Step Guideline to Download and Install Ark of War Mod + APK


Now that you have finished Download Ark of War Mod + APK we can install the game to your phone or tablet. Please follow the guide that we provide for you. This is to help you have a successful installation. We must transfer the Ark of War Mod APK to your android device by using the micro USB data cable or other data cable that your device will be compatible with.

  • First Step – Open your phone, then go to “Settings” after that, find “Security” and then select “Unknown Sources” and enable it.
  • Second Step – Connect the micro USB data cable or other data cable to your android device and to your desktop or laptop. After connecting select “Transfer File” on your phone or tablet.
  • Third Step – In your PC go to “This PC” select your android device there and select your prepared storage. Where internal or external.

(Internal storage is your phone or tablet built-in storage. External storage is storage using an SD card. This is only applicable if your android device has SD card slot)

  • Forth Step – Locate the Ark of War Mod + APK in your PC. Copy it to clipboard and paste it into your desired android device storage.
  • Fifth Step – Safely remove your phone or tablet from your desktop or laptop. Safely removing your device from your PC prevents any data loss or corrupted files.
  • Sixth Step – Back to your mobile gadget, open the “File Manager” search and find the Ark of War Mod APK.
  • Seventh Step – Select and open the APK file to install the game. Wait for the game to complete the installation in your android device.
  • Ninth Step – After the installation, you can open and play the game. Remember to update the game whenever there is an update available.

Quick tips for your android device, always remember to update your phone or tablet firmware for smooth gameplay or gaming experience. This is also recommended for it helps your android device to perform better and to be compatible with the latest applications that are available.

Features of Ark of War

  • Mighty Space Arks – you can build your own space ark fleet to defend your base against the enemies. Attack your opponent in the way wanted to be and you can attack your enemies while moving at the same time.
  • Ultimate Galactic Military Power – Upgrading your ark will increase its firepower for a heavy damaging space gunship. Build up your army consisting of space infantries, mechs, and spacecraft to help you fight the invading enemies.
  • MMO Strategic Gameplay – Start an attack between hundred of Arks together with your alliance. Take over other player’s territory across the globe and chat with them. You can also trade items or equipment with other players.

Mod Features

  • Unlimited Gold

About the Game

Ark of War was released in January 2016 offered by Seven Pirates. The game has more than 5 million downloads and the current version of the game is 2.12.0. Content rating is for 7 years old and above for mild violence.

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This concludes our guide on How to Download and Install Ark of War Mod APK for android users. We hope that you find in our guide what you are looking for. We created this guide for players looking for an accurate and reliable source of game mods. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can comment on them below. We will be more grateful to answer those. And always remember to Enjoy playing your favorite game.

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