Download Apple Knight Mod APK

This will be a guide that you can use to Download Apple Knight Mod APK and we also include the guide on how to transfer and install the game. Written below are the game’s minimum system requirements and game features.

Before we would go to the download of the game, we will introduce you to the game, Apple Knight. The game is a 2-D action game. Together with beautiful graphics and enjoyable gameplay, you will surely love playing the game.

There are tons of things that you can do in the game, like explore secret areas and levels in the game, collect gold to purchase swords and skins. If you love playing the usual game, we hope that you will also love playing the game with the game mod.

Download Apple Knight Mod APK

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Easy Steps on How You Can Download Apple Knight Mod APK for Android Users


This is where we are going to teach you how to Download Apple Knight Mod APK. And after you finished downloading the game, we are also guiding you on how to transfer the APK file into your Android device. Then you can install the game to your phone or tablet. But before that, here are the game’s minimum system requirements that you should know.

  • First – the game will only run on Android version 5.0 or higher. Any lower version of Android operating system will not be compatible with the game.
  • Second – Apple Knight requires a minimum of 47.22MB of free storage space for the game to be installed. We highly recommend having more storage space as possible for there will be always updated to any apps that you have in your Android device.

Note: If your Android device met the said two system requirements, then you should not have any problems installing the game later.

  • Third – You can click the link below to Download Apple Knight Mod APK.

Click Here to download the game.

  • Forth – Save the game into your desktop or laptop and prepare the APK file for the transfer later.

After you completed the download of Apple Knight Mod APK we can now move forward to the next step which is transferring the game and installing it. You should grab a handy data cable that is compatible with your Android device.

How to Transfer and Install the Apple Knight Mod APK to any Android Device

Transfer and Installation

In this part of our article, we will be showing you how you can transfer the APK file from your personal computer into your Android device. This will be an easy and quick guide for you. Written below are the simple steps that you should follow to avoid any inconvenience upon installing the game.

  • First Step – Open your phone or tablet and go to “Settings” then tap on “Securities” and lastly tap on “Unknown Sources” and enable it. This will allow you to install APK files from different sources.
  • Second Step – Please prepare your data cable whether it is micro USB or Type C connector that you can use to connect your Android device into your personal computer.
  • Third Step – Connect your Android device with your personal computer and look back to your phone or tablet, a message box should appear there. Then, select “Transfer Files”. Your PC should recognize your Android device upon connecting it to your personal computer.
  • Forth Step – In your personal computer go to “This PC” and your Android device’s name should be seen there. Copy the Apple Knight Mod APK file then open your device’s storage and paste it there.
  • Fifth Step – Wait for the transfer to be finished and after the transfer is complete, you can now disconnect your Android device from your personal computer.
  • Sixth Step – Back to your phone or tablet, go to “File Manager” and locate the APK file, open it and install the game.
  • Seventh Step – Wait for your device to finish the installation, this should take a few minutes so be patient.
  • Eight Step – After the installation, you can now open and play the game. Enjoy playing the Apple Knight with the benefits and advantages of the game mod.

Useful Tips

Back to your Android device’s storage, if you saw 2 kinds of storage it means that your device supports external storage or SD cards. And if you saw only 1 kind of storage, it means that you do not have SD cards or your Android device does not support external storage.

We also suggest that you should update the firmware of your phone or tablet. For this will make your Android device compatible with the latest applications that are available in the play store. And also, this will optimize your device’s performance. Please update the game to the latest version, there will new features or rewards that are waiting for you to explore.

Useful Information About the Game

The game Apple Knight was released in August 2019 and even though the game is less than a year old, it already gains popularity. The game has more than 1 million downloads from around the globe. Apple Knight’s current version is 1.0.7 and the game’s content rating is rated for 3 years old and above. This is due to the game environment and gameplay.

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Game Features

  • Controller Support – You can use keyboards on Chromebooks and also supports Samsung DeX.
  • Multiple hand-crafted Worlds
  • You can choose between male or female – both genders are accessible to all hero skins
  • Tough Bosses – Test your skills in fighting powerful bosses.
  • Pet System – You will be accompanied by several pets
  • Collect Gold – This will help you purchase better skins, swords, and abilities.
  • Explore the World – Go to secret areas and different levels in the game.
  • Beautiful Graphics – Enjoy playing the game with awesome visual effects.
  • Choose Controls – You have 6 choices in choosing what kind of game control that will suit you.
  • Tons of Game Features – Different game modes and game content are on the way.
  • Cloud Save – You can save the game’s data automatically using cloud storage. And you can play to any device using the game Google Play Account.
  • There are Tons of Achievements to Accomplished
  • The Game was Made with Tremendous Efforts, Love and Tender Care


This will be a conclusion about our guide on how to Download Apple Knight Mod APK and we also include the guide on how to transfer the APK file into your Android device. Written above was the steps in install the game on your phone or tablet. We hope that our guide helps you in some way. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment down below. We will be grateful to hear anything from you.

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