Download Buddy Toss Mod APK

This is an article on how to Download Buddy Toss Mod APK and we also include how you can transfer the game from your personal computer into your Android devices. Written below, right after the transfer is the installation guide that we know that it might help you in installing the AFK file.

But before that, we like to share a little introduction about the Buddy Toss. The game is fun to play for it lets you throw your character upward up to somewhere beyond the sky. To do that, you need to tap the man repeatedly before he touches the ground. Enjoy watching him flew to the skies and beyond. Who knows, you might reach other galaxies.

Buddy Toss offers a child-friendly environment and gameplay. Great visual effects and enjoyable audio, as we know for all the game there will always be a limitation to what you can get from a game. Like you will be limited to the items that you can purchase and you will need to buy some credits to purchase valuable items. Good thing that we created this guide that will help you get the Buddy Toss Mod APK. You can play the game and enjoy it with the benefits of the game mod.

Download Buddy Toss Mod APK

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How to Download Buddy Toss Mod APK – Android Devices


Hello, now we are going to teach you how to Download Buddy Toss Mod APK for free and written below is the link to where you can get the APK file. But before that, we are going to discuss you some important things to check in your Android device. We include below the game’s minimum system requirements so you will know if your phone or tablet is compatible with the game or not.

  1. The game is running in Android version 4.1 or higher. Any lower version of Android operating system will not be compatible with the game.
  2. Buddy Toss will be needing a minimum space of 37MB and we highly suggest that you should have more than the said minimum storage space for any application updates.
  3. Click the link description below to Download Buddy Toss Mod APK

Click Here to Download the Game.

  1. Save the Buddy Toss Mod APK to your personal computer and wait for the download to be completed

After you completed the Download of Buddy Toss Mod APK we can now move forward to the next procedure. We now need to transfer the APK file from your personal computer to your Android device. Continue reading and you should find our simple steps in transferring the APK file to your Android device.

Transferring and Installation of Buddy Toss Mod APK to Android Devices

Transfer and Installation

We can now transfer the APK file to your phone or tablet by using a data cable. Get your micro USB or type C data cable or any cable that will be compatible with your Android device. We provide a simple and easy step-by-step guide for the transfer of the Buddy Toss Mod APK and the installation of the game later.

  • First Step – Open your phone or tablet and go to “Settings” then tap on “Security” and lastly tap on “Unknown Sources” and enable it. Take note that enabling it will allow you to install APK files from different sources like downloads from the internet.
  • Second Step – Connect your Android device to your personal computer then look into your phone or tablet and a message box should appear there. Kindly select “Transfer Files”.
  • Third Step – In your personal computer, go to “This PC” and you should see your Android’s name there or your device storage. Copy the Buddy Toss Mod APK file from the folder where you save the APK file earlier, then open your device’s storage and paste the APK file there. Wait for the transfer to be finished
  • Forth Step – Now that you’ve finished the transferring of the APK file into your Android device, you can now safely remove your phone or tablet from your personal computer. Doing this method will save you from any data loss or corrupted files.
  • Fifth Step – Back to your phone or tablet, open “File Manager” and locate the APK file. Open it then install the game, and wait for the installation to be finished.
  • Sixth Step – After the installation, you can open and play the game with the benefits of the game mod.
  • Seventh Step – Enjoy playing the game.


You are now done with the two processes, the first is to Download Buddy Toss Mod APK and second was to transfer and install the APK file to your phone or tablet. We would like to suggest updating your Android device’s firmware if there are available updates. This will make your phone or tablet compatible with other applications out there. And also, please update the game for new features and exciting in-game rewards.

About your Android device’s storage, if you were wondering why you are seeing two kinds of storage, it means that you have an SD card on your phone or tablet. And if you only see one kind of storage, it means your device has only internal storage.

Useful Information About the Game

Buddy Toss was released in July 2018 and offered by CurryGames. Ever since the game was released, it reached more than 10 million downloads considering the game was less than 2 years old. The content rating of the game was for 7 years old and above, this is due to mild violence and gameplay of Buddy Toss.

Game Features

  • Perfect Design and Full of Fun – Buddy Toss is a fun game and has awesome graphics.
  • Endless Game Mode – Enjoy playing the game until to get tired.
  • Tablet Support – The game also supports tablets, so you can play in a wider screen display.
  • Global Leaderboard – Make your way to the top by reaching the scores of other players in the Leaderboard

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This is where our guide on Download Buddy Toss Mod APK will end and as for our final words. Playing the game without the game mod is fun but playing with the mod was much better. You can enjoy the game will all the features and purchase in-game items with no limit. If you like our guide on this topic, please check our other guide on different games. And if you have any questions or suggestion, let us know. You can always drop a comment down below. We will be much grateful to hear anything from you.

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