Download Earth Protect Squad Mod APK

Are you looking for an awesome shooting game? We like to suggest you Download Earth Protect Squad Mod APK and we would introduce you to the game. Earth Protect Squad is about defending earth from the invading extraterrestrial beings. The people of the earth don’t know where they came from whether from space or a dimension.

Enjoy the game with cool graphics and sound effects together with a third-person perspective. Assemble your team and accomplished mission to acquire items that will help you throughout the game. Upgrade your guns by changing barrel or scopes to increase your firepower.

Defend the Earth using highly trained soldiers with modern weapons and using the latest technologies. Fight together with bots and force fields to eliminate the threat. The Aliens are more than a treat to humans, for they make people as their own weapons.

Like other games, you will need to play the game for hours to make your team or character to be stronger. Good quality items will only be available as in-game purchases. This is the reason we create this guide for players looking for the game mod. We hope that you will enjoy the game and kindly spread the words. Share our guide to your friends or co-workers.

Download Earth Protect Squad Mod APK

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Steps to Download Earth Protect Squad Mod APK


Before we on how to Download Earth Protect Squad Mod APK, we like to remind you some few things. We created a guideline so you can follow our easy step-by-step guide to Download the game. Kindly read carefully what is listed below so you won’t have any problem or error.

  • First Step – See to it that your android device run an Android version 4.0 or higher. Any lower than the said version will result in the incompatibility of the game to your phone or tablet.

(If the first two steps mentioned above were met by your android device, then you are good to go.)

  • Second Step – Make sure that your phone or tablet has more than 95MB free storage space. Having more free storage space than what is mentioned will be better.
  • Third Step – click the link description below to Download Earth Protect Squad

Click here to download the APK File

  • Forth Step – Save the APK file to your personal computer.
  • Fifth Step – Wait for the download to be completed.

How that you finished the download of Earth Protect Squad Mod APK, we can now move forward to the next step. There are two things we need to do first, we should transfer the APK file from your personal computer to your android device. After the transfer that will be the time, we can install the game.

Install Earth Protect Squad Mod APK


After the first step, Download Protect Earth Squad Mod APK next comes the installation, but before that, we should transfer it first. We would like to require you a reliable data cable that you are going to use to transfer the file. Read the given steps for a successful installation later.

  • First Step – Go to your phone and open “Settings” then tap on “Security” after that tap on “Unknown Sources” and enable it. This will allow you to install APK files on your phone or tablet.
  • Second Step – Grab your micro USB data cable or any data cable that will be compatible with your Android device. Connect the data cable to your gadget and to your personal computer.
  • Third Step – After that, look back to your phone or tablet, a message will appear. Please select “Transfer Files”.
  • Forth Step – Back to your personal computer, go to “This PC” and you should see your Android device there. Open your device’s storage then locate the Earth Protect Squad Mod APK.
  • Fifth Step – Copy the Earth Protect Squad Mod APK and paste it to your device’s storage

(if you see two sets of storage, you just need to choose one. Either way, if you see only one set of storage, it means that your android device has no SD card or it does not support SD card.)

  • Sixth Step – Safely remove your android device from your personal computer. This method of safely removing your device keeps you safe from data loss and avoids corrupted files.
  • Seventh Step – In your phone or tablet again, go to “File Manager”, open and install Earth Protect Mod APK.
  • Eight Step – Wait until the installation is finished.
  • Ninth Step – Open the game and enjoy playing


Great Work! Download Earth Protect Squad Mod APK is done, then after that, you transfer the APK file to your Android device and installed it. We recommend that if there is an available update to your phone or tablet’s firmware please do so. It could optimize your Android device’s performance and it will be compatible with other latest applications available in the play store.

Useful Information About the Game

The Protect Earth Squad is offered by Kisunja – Free Shooting Games and the game has a rating rated for 12 years old and above for moderate violence. The game version currently is 1.75b and last updated on November 25, 2019. Even though the game is new, it already gained more than 1 million downloads which makes the game popular to players around the globe.

What’s New to the Game?

  • 3 New Weapons – Which you will surely love
  • Fixed Bugs – Who loves game bugs?

Game Mod

  • Free – enjoy playing the game with the advantage of the mod
  • Root Not Needed – no need to root your phone or tablet
  • Offers In-App Purchase – no need to purchase in-app items

Game Features

  • Third Person Shooting Perspective
  • Upgradable Guns and Soldiers
  • Awesome Graphic Effects and Audio
  • Intense Gameplay

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Protect Earth Squad is a cool game with intense gameplay and exciting shooting game. The reason we created this guide was for those players seeking a reliable source of game mods. We hope that we help you in some way. This concludes our guide on how you can Download Earth Protect Squad Mod APK. If you have a question or suggestion, do not hesitate to comment on them below. We would be grateful to hear it from you.

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