Download and Install Dino War APK Mod

In this topic, we will be talking about How to Download and Install Dino War APK Mod for Android User. But before we proceed and proceed with the download and installation, we are going to introduce the game and know about Dino War. The game is set to be in an apocalyptic event and Dr. Claw invented something called beast-fusion that begins the new age of stronger predators. Their terrifying creatures become the soldiers of the New Dawn.

The beast was meant to be a new era for the world, but unfortunately, it was turned against humanity. There was a global disaster that makes our known civilization to collapse and dissolve our existing government. Now the humanity is fighting back for survival. Men, women and even children must thrive to fight for their remaining haven. Join the fight against the New Dawn army and try to get freedom back to the people of the world.

Dino War offers different kinds of beast that you need to master and equip with the right tools for a better chance of winning against Dr. Claw’s army. The game also features building your base and upgrading them to unlock powerful troops to help you defend your base. It has awesome graphics and intense action-packed gameplay that will keep you playing for hours. It also has different events that will reward you with useful items that you can use in the game.

Here is a Guide on How to Download and Install Dino War APK Mod for Android Devices

In this strategic Massively Multi-Player Online Game, you can enjoy playing the game with other players around the world.  Try to collect materials that can be used for the war against the enemy’s beast. Like other MMO, the game will be time-consuming for your base to grow and progress.

Easy Step-by-step Guide to Download Dino War APK + Mod

This step will make sure that you can play the game in your device smoothly. Please take the time to read the instructions below.

  • The game will only run on Android with 4.1 or higher operating system
  • The game size is 83MB, make sure that you have enough free storage space on your phone.
  • You can download the game at Dino War APK + Mod

Click Here to download the game

  • Download the game and save the APK file to your PC or Laptop. After you finish to Download Dino War APK Mod we can now install the game

Quick Installation Guide for Dino War APK & Mod

After the download, we may now proceed to the installation of the game. Please grab a reliable micro USB data cable or any data cable that your android device is compatible with. Kindly follow our simple instruction for a hassle-free transfer and installation of the game.

  • First Step – In your phone or tablet, go to “Settings” then “Security” and locate “Unknown Sources.”
  • Second Step – Tap on enable “Unknown Sources
  • Third Step  – connect your phone or tablet to the PC or laptop using the data cable. A message box will appear on your device the choose “Transfer Files
  • Forth Step – Once your device is connected to the PC, proceed to “This PC” then open your device. Choose your desired storage where Internal Storage or External
  • Fifth Step – Locate the Dino War APK + Mod that you Copy the file and go to your device.
  • Sixth Step – Paste the APK file to your desired storage location and then disconnect your Android device from the PC
  • Seventh Step – On your phone, open “File Manager” and locate the Dino War APK + Mod. Open the APK File and install the game, wait for your device to finish the installation. After the installation, you can now play the game.
  • Congratulations! You have a successful Download and Install Dino War APK + Mod to your Android device. Enjoy the game with your friends and don’t forget to share our guide to them.

Take note that other device does not have external storage. It means that your device has large storage capacity and does not need to have an external or SD Card slot.

Useful Information About the Game

The display a very impressive graphics and strategic gameplay that many people will like and love. At the moment the game already has 1 million + installs. The game was released in April 2018 offered by KingsGroup Holdings. Content Rating is for 12 and above for moderate violence.

Game Features

  • Play over different characters in the game
  • Build, expand and upgrade your base for more powerful troops and useful resources
  • Play with other players or with your friends with a great display of graphics and strategic gameplay
  • Tame your favorite beast and equip them with armor that will protect you from the enemy’s beast.
    • Swoop – Will be your eyes in the sky that are evet much effective against small targets
    • Punisher – He is bigger than their ancestor, so, therefore, you don’t want to get in their way or you’ll be crushed with tusks equipped with spikes
    • Spike – Beware of its tail for it can cause you too much damage. They are used to sweep land mines using their spiky tail
    • Breacher – Best suits for vanguard for the supports your troops and act like tanks
    • Thunderfoot – His purpose is to be the communication of your troops and equipped with a generator that can be used as F.O.B.
    • Knuckles – This Beast could be the best defender of your base for being very territorial and very well trained with rocket launchers
    • Havoc – For the best damage dealing Dinosaur chooses Havoc. He can smash enemy troops with ease.
  • Play daily for rewards and wait for awesome in-game events that will give you a handful of items
  • Pump up your progress by providing handy materials and trade with other players
  • You can chat with thousands of players across the world and enjoy playing Dino War

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Here is our summary on How to Download and Install Dino War APK Mod.  We hope that reading this article is a big help to those people who are having a hard time to Download and Install the game. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know and comment on them below.

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