How to Download and Install Merge Magic! Mod APK

Hello, today we would provide a simple guide on How to Download and Install Merge Magic! Mod APK for Android devices. But before we proceed, we would like to introduce to you what is the game all about. We will be also introducing game features and useful information. We hope that this guide will help you a lot in playing the game.

Like other games, Merge Magic! Is not different from other puzzle game for being time-consuming. You will need to grind and farm to acquire rare creatures and combine them. The game has an awesome game story compose of different stages and the difficulty rises as you play deeper in the game.

Merge Magic! Is a puzzle game that lets you combine different things and create a powerful creature to help you throughout the game. Combine eggs to form powerful magical creatures and let them evolve for much powerful creature. Enjoy Playing the game with awesome visual effects and strategic moves, defeat your enemies with the help of your powerful creatures.

How to Download and Install Merge Magic! Mod APK

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Easy Guide on How to Download and Install Merge Magic! Mod APK


We are going to provide you a simple step-by-step guide on how to Download Merge Magic. But before we proceed kindly read carefully the first two steps. These are the game minimum system requirements.

  • First Step – Make sure that your android phone or tablet has 125MB or higher free storage space.
  • Second step – The game runs on android version 4.4 or higher.

(This is to make sure that your android device meets the game system requirement for the smooth gaming experience.)

  • Third Step – Click the link at Download Merge Magic! Mod APK to get the game.

Download the game here

  • Forth Step – Save the Merge Magic APK Mod file to your Desktop or Laptop.
  • Fifth Step – Wait for the download to be completed.

Great! You now completed the download of Merge Magic! APK Mod for Android Device. We now need to transfer the APK file to your phone or tablet and after transferring the APK file we can now install it to your android device.

Simple Instruction on How to Download and Install Merge Magic! Mod APK for Android Users


After we download the Merge Magic! APK file, we must transfer it to your android phone or tablet. For you to do so, you will be needing a reliable micro USB data cable or any data cable that will be compatible with your android device. Please our guidelines for a hassle-free installation.

  • First Step – In your phone or tablet, go to “Settings” then “Security” and then find “Unknown Sources” and enable it.

(This is important to enabling, for this will allow your phone or tablet to install APK file)

  • Second Step – Connect your android device to your Desktop or Laptop using the data cable that you have.
  • Third Step – In your PC, open “This PC” and open your device. Select your desired storage.
  • Forth Step – Locate the Merge Magic! Mod APK file, copy it to the clipboard.
  • Fifth Step – Paste the APK Mod file to your Android device storage.
  • Sixth Step – Safely remove your android devices from your Desktop or Laptop
  • Seventh Step – Back to your phone or tablet, open “File Manager” then select Merge Magic! APK Mod then install it.
  • Eight Step – Wait for the installation to be completed. Once the installation is done, you can now open and play the game

(Some Android devices could have two storages, internal and external. If your phone has only internal storage or has no SD Card slot it means that your android device does not support external storage.)

You now successfully Download and Install Merge Magic! APK Mod for Android Devices. Please enjoy the game and spread the words.

Merge Magic! Mod APK features 

  • Unlimited Cash

Please do not forget to update your android phone or tablet’s firmware. This will help you to install applications and could help you with a better gaming experience. Take note that the game will always have updates, remember to have extra free storage in your android device.

Useful Information About Merge APK Magic!

The game was released in September 2019 and the current game version is 1.4.0. Due to the great gameplay of the game, it reached more than 1 million downloads and installs. The game is being offered by Gram Games Limited and the content rating of Merge Magic is rated for 3 years old and above. It contains a child-friendly environment. Gram Games was also behind the popular games like Merge Dragons!, Merge Farms!, Merge Gems! And many more.

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Merge Magic! Handy Features

  • Try to combine over 500 different objects in the game and interact with 81 challenges.
  • Reveal mythical creatures like fairies, unicorns, minotaurs and a never before seen creature that could come out when you merge different objects in the game.
  • Take back the creature’s home by lifting the evil curse that was placed on their garden with the help of different creatures that are available and ready to assist you.
  • Be extra careful in your puzzle journey for you may cross paths with evil witches.
  • Join in-game events to a chance to win a rare creature that you can take back home to your garden.

What’s New about Merge Magic!

  • The developer had fixed the error at Shrine 10 and Realm of Mythia 2 level quest. You can now run the quest and finished it successfully.
  • Skipping the all the quest in the garden are now possible. Keep in mind that you need to use your gems to skip them.
  • The update includes game performance optimization. This means that you can play better and harder.


This concludes our guide on How to Download and Install Merge Magic! Mod APK for Android Users. We hope that this guide could help people like you who are looking for a simple and quick guide for APK Mods. Please do not hesitate if you have any questions or suggestion, we are happy to answer you. You can comment us below. And always remember to enjoy any game that you play.

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